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' When the first baby laughed for the first time,
the laugh broke into a thousand pieces and they all
went skipping about, was the beginning of fairies."

Sir James M. Barrie, Peter Pan



Welcome to my Land of Enchantment. Take a journey with me

to the Otherworlds, as called by the Faefolk of

old. Stroll through the wooded glens to find

the fairies and gnomes dancing merrily about.

Catch a glimpse of the winged pixies in flight

through the forest's fog. Watch closely as you

see the undines and mers as they frolick in the

glistening pools and streams. But beware where

you tread...for one step into the Faerie Round,

and you may return a stranger to

your kind---as the Fae know no time.

Onward! to the Underhills,

Merry part, and may we Merry Meet again.

The Faeries of the land

are proud supporters of






Come, lets dance and sing

Join us in theFaerie Ring

Worry not with hour or time

Join us in merriment and rhyme



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Meet Acorn! He is the Resident Gnome of the Land.



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