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 Lady of the Green

She is life 
She is death 
She is light
She is darkness 

Lurking in the shadows 
Frolicking in the glen
She is life 
She is death 

She is the beginning and the end 

She is bright and shining as the sun
She is the Moon and the stars encompassing 
She is the Earth and all that flourish therein

She is all that I have dreamed to be 
She is all that is within me 
She is what I strive to become 

Each spring, she bursts forth again 
from a dormant wintery sleep 
She is life  
She is death 
She is darkness 
She is light 
She is The Lady of the Green
Ostara Ravenstone 98'


oh gracious goddess, darksome and Divine

Ecstasy of the spirit,

joy of the earth

teach me what remains unknown

and remind me of what has already been learned.

YOUR LAW~~ Love unto all Beings

You are the beauty of the Greenest Earth

You are the splendor of the whitest moon,

nestled against the stars

You are the mystery of the rushing waters

and the Intrigue of the blazing flame

You have molded and forged me with fire

and with earth

and to the earth you shall return me

You are the soft whispering of the winds,

caressing against my cheek

You are the warmth of the Earth,

planted firmly beneath my feet

You are the flame that burns with intensity and passion

deep inside of me

OH Mother, Maiden, and Crone

You are the TRIPLE GODDESS, three



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