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on 08/17/99

Now playing "Brian Boru's March"


Welcome to the Faefolk Gallery~~

These Images were discovered at various places

on the WWW. If any of the images contained herein

are original creations, or the artist is known,

please email me so proper credit may be given.

Awing believes in sharing the Magic of the Fae..

Feel free to use any of these images, but download

to your harddrive, please.

Stealing Bandwidth is a crime....

Enjoy! and Brightest Faerie Blessings!





by Brian L. Fround



The Faerie Dance

By the moon we sport and play,

With the night begins our day.

As we dance, the dew doth fall,

Trip it, little urchins, all.

Lightly as the little bee,

Two by two, and three by three.

And about go wee,

And about go wee.

William Shakespeare, A Midsummer's Night Dream



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