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Welcome to my world. Inside the gates you

will find a myriad of interesting things.

Find out all about me... Explore mystical

sites on the World Wide Web.....

Follow the Faeries as they lead you into

their unknown realm... Stay awhile or stay a bit..

Please sign the guestbook, so that I may know

all who have trod this path....

I bid you adieu, and magickal hunting.

FFaerie Blessings and Pixie Kisses to you all.

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Beyond the Door



The Faeries here in the Land of Awing

have outgrown this place.

The winged cousin creatures~~~~~~

the Angels have taken up residence at

a new place of their own...............Awing's Angels

Please visit frequently,

as the angels have just begun to move in.

This candle burns forever,

In remembrance of Littleton, CO

artwork by Sondra J. Seeger

Meet Titania....The Gatekeeper of the Land.

Click on Titania to adopt a Fae just like her.



The Faeries support

"The children are our future"



FaeFolk have trod this path before you