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Have you ever felt the kisses of dew on your skin at early dawn?

Have you ever felt a soft breath-like breeze, wisk across your cheeks?

Have you ever seen the slightest twinkle between blinks of your eye?

YES? Then you had just experienced an

encounter with the mysterious and mystical Faefolk.

The Fairy Dance

The soft stars are shining,
The moon is alight;
The folk of the forest
Are dancing tonight:
O swift and gay
Is the song that they sing;
They float and sway
As they dance in a ring.

O seek not to find them,
The wee folk so fair;
They're shy as the swallow
And swift as the air:
I you come, they are gone
Like a snowflake in May;
Like a breath, like a sigh,
They vanish away.

Katherine Davis

artwork by Cicely M. Barker


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