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So you want a beautiful garden-- one that grows effortlessly? Rely on the FaeFolk to be your gardeners. To attract the Fae to your garden, there are a few simple things you must do.

How to attract faeries: Planting of beautiful flowers, plants and trees in your garden is one sure way to attract the Fae. Fae folk are mesmerized by butterflies, therefore any flowering plant that brings butterflies will also bring an abundance of faeries. Bird baths, glistening fish ponds, waterfalls and fountains will attract Fae, especially Gnomes, who are fascinated with luminescent objects.


Foliage is the KEY -- the Fae are natuarally attracted to the Fruits of the Earth. So planting many beautiful flowers, herbs, trees and shrubbery in your garden is the first and foremost step of attracting the Faeries to take up residence there. Here is an example of the types of foliage to plant for Faerie attraction.

Rowan--Felled Oaks--Hazel--Cypress
Dwarf---Date Palms--

artwork by Cicely M. Barker

Oak trees are VERY conducive to attracting Faeries. As the old saying goes--FaeFolk gather in Old Oaks

The scent of Rose is a powerful attraction for the fae folk. Sprinkling an area with rose water, or even your clothing, for that matter, will certainly draw the Fae near. Metals such as copper, and silver are sacred to the Fae. Mesmerized by the glitter-- Fae will gather to these metals. Wood also holds an attraction power over the Fae. Since Fae inhabit Mother Earth, especially trees--Fae naturally flock toward wood.

Any aromatic herb or spice plant will attract the Faefolk.

Jasmine--Tulips--Lilacs--Pussy Willows

Plant a wide assortment of colorful and sweet scented flowers in your garden. Soon you will catch a glimpse of the Fae, just when you least expect it------and usually between blinks of the eye. Any flowering plant that attracts butterflies will certainly attract faeries. For faeries are ever pursing butterflies.

Bluebells, also known as wood hyacinths, or Cuckoo's boots, are a favorite of the Fae. Faeries are summoned to their twilight gatherings and rounds by the ringing of these tiny bell-shaped flowers. Legend says that children who unknowingly wander into bluebell glens will be held captive, and adults will be forever faerie-led until met by another human and led out.

Cowslips, provide faerie shelter from the weather. Cowslips also can help the human find hidden faerie gold.

Clover(Four-leafed variety), is said to be used to break the enchanted spell of the Fae.

Foxglove, is unlucky to bring into your home, but the Fae will flock around your garden if you grow tall stalks of Foxglove. Many Fae wear the tiny Foxglove florets as bonnets, and also as gloves. Legends say that the juice(which is very poisonous) of 10 foxglove plants will reverse the curse of a Faerie-struck child. The tiny specks of color on the leaves are what is said to be the fingerprints of the Fae.

Hawthorne, is the sacred meeting place of the Fae. It's red blossoms are sometimes called Pixie Pears or Fairy Thorn.

Primrose, when eaten by humans, makes the invisible Fae, seen by the naked eye.

Willow, Faerie Lore has it that at dusk, Willow trees will magickally uproot, and stalk and speak to wayward travelers.


Other Garden Fixturesfountains, ponds, waterfalls,rock gardens, birdbathstrelices, statuesAdorn your garden with plenty of running water. Faeries are mesmerized with shimmery objects...So ponds waterfalls and glistening stones will bring an abundance of Fae to your garden. Emerald is the most precious of all stones of the Fae....but not quite practical to place in the garden. But Faux emeralds or green hued stones would be an equal substitute.

Folklore has it that rings of toadstools and swirling, patchy circles of grass found in glens, thickets and forests are made from dancing rings of faeries, called the Faerie Round. Take caution where you place your steps, as not to tread on the carefree Fae. Lore also has it, that if a human steps in the faerie ring, uncontrolled dancing begins and lasts as long as the fae folk dance. Time is non exsistant in the faerie realm. Once one enters the enchanted realm of the Fae, one may return years upon years later--only to find themselves strangers to once familiar surroundings.


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artwork by Cicely M. Barker


I am gone away to the open spaces,
And whither riding no man may tell;
But I shall look upon all your faces
No more in Heaven or Earth or Hell.



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