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Last on 06/18/99


"thrice around the fairy hill

deosil, at twilight hour ye go,

magickally the door appears

Enter in the realm, yet slow."

(legend says, walking 'round the fairy hill three times

counterclockwise, will reveal the hidden door to the fairy realm)



Aine~~ The Faerie Goddess and the sister of Fennine.

Being a moon goddess, Aine is associated with horses and fire.


Alfheim~~ "Fairyland", where the faeries reside.


Banshee~~(Beansidhe) the harried spirit of Ireland,

who resembles an old woman, with long flowing white hair,

dressed in a drab long dress.The Banshee's bellowing voice

is said to foretell death. Legend has it that the banshee's

scream turns blood cold and makes hair stand on end.


Beansidhe~~ translated as the "Woman Faerie," the Beansidhe

is a spirit associated with certain families. Upon a family members

death, the family will hear the shrill wail of the Beansidhe.

Similiar to the legend of the Banshee.


Black Annis~~ The hag who eats lost children.


Boggart~~ An evil Brownie


Bogie~~ Another name for Goblin.


Bogles~~ A nasty Goblin.


Brownie~~Tiny men with brown wrinkled skin,

clad in shabby clothing are vagabond faeries of the home.

For a mere exchange of cream and cakes, brownies will more

than happily perform chores around the hearth. Brownies

despise teatotallers and ministers. Once offended, the brownie

becomes malicious, creating mischief. Border brownies are

chiefly responsible for the farm of the house in which they reside.


Changelings~~Faerie young.


Corrigans~~Malicious nature spirits. (Brittany)


Daoine Sidh~~(Irish) The Trooping Fae, who wear green

coats and red hats. The female fae of this sect wear elegant

green gowns, adorned with the finest jewels, feathers and

gold trims and ruby red shoes. Finnvarra , their king, is a remarkable

chess player and has never been defeated by humakind.

Finnvarra also has the lust for women, and has been

credited with the disappearances of many women.


Dryads~~ Tree spirits. Ancient Druids called upon Dryads for spritual wisdom and



Dwarfs~~ Old, short, and bearded men. Dwarves reach

full maturity at the age of 3. Dwarves reside in mines

located around Germany. A Dwarf's feet are never seen due

to their embarrassment of the deformities they often have.

One way to catch a glimpse of the shape of a Dwarf's foot is

to sprinkle their path with powdered ash, and veiw the

footprint in that manner. Dwarves surface only at night,

because sunlight exposure with surely turn them to stone.


Ellyllon~~ The band of Fae from Wales, ruled by Queen Mab. The

Ellyllon dine on toadstools and faery butter, which is a fungus

found on the roots of very old trees.

Elves- the astonishingly beautiful, pale skinned, and pointy

eared of the fae folk. Elves are very magickal, and are easily

befriended by humans. But by the other token, they can also

be very vendictive if crossed. Scotland divides elves into the

Seelie and Unseelie Courts. FaerieLand in Scotland

is also called Elfame.

Faeries in Scandinavia are also called Elves.

There are 2 classes of Scandinavian Elves~~~~ Light and Dark (similar to

Seelie and Unseelie Courts). Danish Elves possess enormous

beauty when viewed from the front, but are hollow

when seen from the back. Danish Elves are also know for stealing

human food. Trooping Faeries is the term given to Elves in

Britain. The term ELF in Britain is also

used when referencing Faerie boys.


Fachon~ The faeries of Western Highlands, Scotland


Faerie- a diminutive supernatural creature, usually of human

form, dwelling in the region between time and space~~

called Fairyland. Faeries live in everyday surroundings,

such as hills, trees, gardens, streams, lochs and lakes.

Varying in size, from wee inches to 3-4 feet tall.

Some are human size and larger.


Far Darrig~~ A solitary Fae who wears a red cap and coat.

The Far Darrig is know for indulging in horrible practical jokes..

But farmers consider it great luck to keep the company of the Far Darrig


Ferrishyn~~ The Fairy tribe residing in Manx.


Goblins- The faerie theives. Goblins are infamous for stealing items.

(you didn't misplace it-- a goblin is playing a trick on you.)

Legends say, the smile of a Goblin make blood curdle and

his laugh cause milk to sour and fruits to fall from trees.

Goblins are the cause of misfortune and whisper nightmares

into the ears of humans. Even witches will not keep the

company of Goblins, for they are considered such a nusance.

Goblins communicate with insects, such as bees, hornets and mosquitos.

A summer pasttime of the Goblins, is to send insects toward

warm blooded creatures, including humans and their livestock.

So, remember this the next time you are bitten by a

pesky mosquito... a goblin is more than likely responsible.


Gnomes- Gnomes are the earthbound fae folk. Each flower

and plant has it's own gnome attendant. Gnomes, in general are

happy but cautious. Take caution when harvesting flowers

and plants, not to disturb the resident gnome-- for they may

be very vendictive when upset. Gnomes are

known for their marvelously stunning breastplates and swords.


Knockaine~~ One of the many faerie communities.


Leprechaun~~ The hermit of the Fae. The Leprechaun is a master cobbler, making shoes for all the faeries. He guards the prized Pot O Gold at the end of the rainbow. Leprechauns are very sly and are seldom caught.

Lhiannan-Sidhe~~ The fae enchantress of mortal men. Using her mesmerizing voice and her beautiful countenance, the Lhiannan-Sidhe(pronounced Lan-on She) entwines the unsuspecting mortal to yearn for her...thus inspired to write great poetry for his love. An early death is sure to come, once the Lhiannan-Sidhe becomes bored with him. Lhiannan-Sidhe lives under the Irish Sea and walks the Isle of Man each night, in search of a lonely man to become her prey.


Mab~~ Queen of the Faeries of Ellyllon


Merfolk~~The Mer folk are, of course, the Fae of the seas. Mer have the bodies of humans and the tails of fish. Mer are beautiful to gaze upon and have enchanted singing voices. Lore has it that Mer and Sirens alike have been responsible for drawing of sailors' ships to a crashing doom against the rocks. Merfolk, especially Mermaids, have been dubbed the Guardians and Avengers of women. Mer can predict the future, fortell storms and some have even been known to grant wishes. Through the annals of history and legend, Mer have been known to be wise sages, and harmless to humans.

Oberon~~ King of the Faeries

Pixies- The Faefolk tricksters. Pixies, being the most carefree of the Fae, relish in leading people astray, to idley sit by and watch the commotion caused of their own little hands. According to the Britons, Pixies are the spirits of unbaptized children.

Superstitions involving FaeFolk~~ Bad faeries were once thought to be responsible for misfortunes such as the bewitching of children, the sudden death of cattle and the substitution of human babies for ugly faerie infants(changelings).

Sylphs- These lengedary Fae of the air, with feathery wings, and the form resembling a human, are the protectors of gardens. Sylphs make their home amongst the highest peaks and mountain tops. As lore has it, Sylphs are said to soar with the eagles. These hermits of the Fae realm have little to do with the ground faefolk, for sylphs adore the wide open spaces of the skies. Sylphs are the Air Elemental for Wiccans and Pagans alike. Sylphs are called upon as guardians of the watchtowers of the East during Wiccan rituals.


Titania~~ Queen of the Faeries

Undines- Undines are the Fae of the Seas.


The Land has become so densely populated that the faeries have created a NEW REALM.

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